How do we communicate?

Okay so you’re kinda up to speed on all the background stuff and our first encounter. Here’s the background on how we communicate when we can’t see each other.

Since my wife got all nosy and up in my shit, we haven’t really been able to text or talk on the phone (yeah it’s a major bummer and I’m often sad because I don’t get to hear Sienna’s voice). So how do we talk?

Yahoo messenger is a big one when both our spouses are around, although it gets tricky and we do not get to talk for long periods of time because of that. She’s such a shit sometimes…I’m still trying to get her to put it on her phone, and I’m not sure why she hasn’t. That just throws up another red flag for me…but it goes along with the package I suppose.

We also communicate via another application which I won’t name since my wife tends to look through my phone when I do not have it in my pocket. Let’s just say you can download it, get a new phone number and treat it as your texting but it will never show up in your cell phone providers account (yes, I’m a fucking genius…take notes).

So..when we don’t see each other (and its been almost a week now, so I’m getting pissed) this is the only avenues of our communication. So I might hear from her in the mornings when she is getting ready for work, once or twice while she’s working and if I’m lucky once at night. Keep in mind its only a text message so I don’t feel like I’m being needy; although, I’m quickly learning I might be.

Lunch time…stay tuned for more.

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