March 31 – no news is good news

I haven’t heard from Sienna in day or so and it’s okay. It really helps the forgetting process. Out of sight truly is out of mind, right? Enough of that boring and sad mess. Let’s move on in the healing process. Healing = Sex (sometimes).

So tomorrow I’m supposed to meet crazy ass Tonya again for sex…she’s literally begging me for it at this point. I will admit I’ve been reserved about it and playing hard to get due to my recent bout with “shaky Sienna”. Ohhh, what the hell…let’s go for it!

I tell her yes but I want to make sure she’s cleanly shaved down there…you know what I’m talking about haha. I do have standards šŸ˜‰

In the mean time I’m also talking to this other woman on yahoo…lets call her “Erin the Red”. This woman is married, has kids and fortunately lives VERY close to me. Somehow I got lucky and someone from above was watching out for my blue balls. She tells me she can also meet (as in “fuck”) tomorrow. Wow…every since I dumped Sienna my options seem to be opening up. Does that cancel out the hurt? We’ll see…

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