March 23

I’ve made an executive decision so you’re gonna have to follow along the best that you can. Trust me..I’m trying to make this easier reading for You. When you see a date as the title you’ll know what I’m saying is concerning that day only. I’ll try to loop back and fill in other details which won’t have the dates of the title. Follow?

So around 11am Sienna messages me to ask how I’m feeling today (by the way readers, I’ve had a long and shitty week and its only Wednesday). So I respond saying I’m okay (lie) and that its just going to be a stressful week. Work is killing me…I have a very stressful job which I can’t tell you about (yeah its kinda top secret at this point), I’m sex deprived and I’m even more frustrated because I haven’t seen Sienna in nearly a week now. All of the non-seeing is for a couple of reasons. Our spouses won’t go away..haha..and timing. Did I mention I fucking hate timing?

She informs me she’s getting her hair cut so she has time to text, so of course I blow off work for a bit so we can talk. We talk about random craziness like being in a crazy bank club and about my mood (since I guess she figured out I was being short last night).

I’m at a point of all frustration when I finally tell her it’s half her fault I’m in such a crabby mood. Sienna asks, “Why”? I’m thinking…are you f’in serious right now? Here I am thinking about this woman (mind you, like a dumbass) for weeks now and she honestly doesn’t know that I get upset when we don’t see each other for a while?? UGH. I never really curse at her..but she knows mentally when I’m adding curse words to the end of sentences…if YOU are reading this..don’t act like you don’t!!

So I tell her, and these are my exact words “You haven’t seen me. Grr”. Strong, right? Lol. She rebuttles “How was I supposed to?? I’ve worked, you’ve worked and I can’t drive all the way out there to your place that late. IDK what else to do. Any ideas”?

Finally she tells me she’s off today (yes, this late in the game) and once again at least 20 curse words formed in my brain. I guess she and I need to start communicating better because this is starting to get to me…I feel happier when I’m with her and I see that bright smile and beautiful eyes.

Any ideas on what to do???

By the way if you’re wanting more sex thoughts…I have tons of them along with conversations that I’ll be coming back to in the near future.

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