April 1 – Erin the Red

Happy April Fools Day (no this post is not a joke)!  I actually had sex today…not with my hand, not with a hooker…the nearly 7 month bad luck streak is over! I just wiped the sweat from my head although you can’t see me. Which of the two girls did I choose from? The new piece of ass, of course…Erin the Red! Initially I didn’t think I’d get to see her due to some crazy ‘electrical problems’ LOL but it all worked out. Around 12:30 I left work, drove to her house, walked in the door, down the stairs, around a corner and to the bedroom and went at it. It was intense…no words were said (I’m serious..just moans…Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh) and it got wild.

It started off by me grabbing her tits…they were surprisingly nice..and her sucking my dick. Her mouth is quite petite and she could not fit a lot of me in her mouth..but it still felt good. After a few mins she began sucking on my balls…ding ding…nice! All the while I’m telling HER what to do…I’ve decided I want to be in full control this meeting. All I know at this point is what she looks like, where she lives and how much she likes my dick :)..not a bad combo if I do say so myself.

So the oral lasts for a while until I’m really worked up, I slap on a condom and slowly slide into her tight and very wet vagina. When I say slowly I mean reallllllly slow until I’m halfway in..then, just to surprise her I ram it so hard she screams. I can tell at that point I’m bigger than what’s she’s used too…and she actually tells me that to confirm (kinda makes a guy feel good).

I start her on her back so I can see her eyes rolling back into her head, then we switch to doggy where I can really go deep. After some pounding, ass-smacking (yeah I left hand prints for her hubby to see) and hair pulling…she cums really hard. How hard, you ask? Let’s just say it was so hard that it forced my dick out of her…

All that sex (keep in mind its been a loooong while and I’m very much out of shape) was building me up too. I could literally feel my balls filling with at least 20lbs of cum! Erin the Red has already cum quite a few times now and I’m getting to the point where I feel left out. She begs to be on top of me but I throw her back down on the bed and say “No, I’m in control this time”. Now I’m really pounding her cause it’s the home stretch and I just want to finish the race…thrust, thrust, thrust, faster faster as she screams…damn it! she’s coming again!

My turn…I pull out, pull off the condom and she tells me to cum on her pussy. I tell her to spread it open for me…after a few strokes…SPLASH…tons of cum everywhere. Whew…I needed that.

After laying there for a bit, talking about Sienna (yes, Erin the Red is a reader of this blog too;)) we go upstairs and I head back to work.

I’d like to say I said something clever or whatever to her…but we both just wanted to fuck and that’s how it was left. I did clean up in her bathroom which was nice…else I would have smelled like ass for the rest of my day at work. Next time I’m hoping she has pump soap instead of bar soap…haha

To be continued…as weekly sex to keep us both regular is anticipated.


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