March 29 – valere Sienna?

Pardon my Latin but I needed some kind of dramatic heading.  I’ll keep this post short and sweet since I’m quite a few days behind.

Today is a bittersweet day. What do I mean? After many long and somewhat meaningless conversations with my Sienna (kind of makes you want to sing my Corona, huh) I think I decided its best to call it quits. Why, you ask?

Simple…she knows how I feel, I know how she feels and somewhere in the middle is that crazy mother fucker called timing. She’s not ready, I can’t sit around and feel this way about someone and it not be reciprocated and all while my balls are turning blue. So…argument, harsh words, the end…I think.

Oh well 🙂 C’est la vie (sorry, had to throw one more language reference in there today).

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9 Responses to March 29 – valere Sienna?

  1. adamcwallen says:

    ok since you had the balls to call me out in your earlier blog, I’m going to call you out here. I’ve been 8000 miles around the world in Japan and have still managed to talk to “Sienna” more than you. And do you know what we talked about? We mostly just laughed at this blog so thank you for providing me with the comedic relief amidst such devastation. And by the way, it’s not My Corona, the name of the song is My Sharona. And just so you know, unlike you, I fucked a 19 year old Sienna, up until a 28 year old Sienna, yeah that’s 9 years of fucking, and she kept coming back more and more to me. And furthermore, if you’re using this blog to try to get to “Sienna” you’re going about it all wrong. Impress her with sweet little things, not a blog.

  2. adamcwallen says:

    I had to come home, our radiation detectors we were wearing are full, so I had to leave. And believe me there wasn’t a single post made here that “Sienna” didn’t text me or email me and let me know. Thanks!

    • So tell the readers about your radiation detectors…what is it you do? Hell, I’m even interested myself…

      We’ll get back to Sienna…but I wanna know more about you. I only know what she has told me. I’d love to see if the stories match up.

      • adamcwallen says:

        Everyone over there had to wear radiation detectors. I was 45 miles south of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. I’m an engineer. For the government. When federal aid is dispatched to natural disasters I have to go help inspect and ensure that the infrastructure (bridges, roads, airports, etc) are safe for travel.

      • Pretty cool job if I do say so myself. How long have you been an engineer? All this Sienna stuff aside I do have a lot of respect for that.
        Have you been other places beside Japan?

  3. adamcwallen says:

    Yes I went to Thailand for the 2004 tsunami, I worked in Louisiana during Katrina in 2005, I went to Samoa in 2009 for a tsunami, and that’s about it as far as work is concerned. I’ve been an engineer for 8 years.

    • Awesome…outside of her I think I’d probably like you lol it appears we have a lot in common. I wish you all the best in your job… these poor people need all the help they can get.

      Now..back to business. As I told Sienna…feel free to comment on anything you’d like. This is “open2thepublic” for the most part and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So what happened with you and Sienna… she hasn’t really told me that? Or are you not comfortable sharing? I get the whole fucking thing…fucking is fucking is fucking. What led to that? How did you meet? Why did it end? What do you think of her husband?

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