March 28

Good news readers and pervs, the orgasm-less streak is over.

Wow, I was kind of up later than I wanted last night chatting with Tonya. Keep in mind I was super bored and having a shitty day. Today was a rough because of that..I stayed tired and it really wasn’t worth it. However, the day did improve.

Tonya wanted to meet me at lunch but I was busy and pushed it back later on during the day. We met at a gas station and drove to the park (no there were no gay men banging each other in little cars…that I’m aware of) where it was quite secluded. We were in my car for a bit talking (keep in mind this is the only woman other than my wife and Sienna who’s ever been in it) when Tonya kissed me. I was kind of thrown off because I was still dwelling and whining over the fact it was not Sienna there. I actually had that in the back of mine most of the time Tonya and I were together but it slowly faded away towards the end.

We hung out for about 1 1/2 hrs and as I told her I needed to head back to work she grabs my cock. YEP…right out of the blue. I’m guessing she didn’t want me to go. The reason being was she gave me a bigger clue when she quickly unbuttoned my pants, unzipped it and started stroking it. At this point I wasn’t thinking about anything other than the ultimate goal of finally cumming from interaction with someone other than my own two hands.

So she strokes and talks dirty asking me how it feels and if she should put it in her mouth…hmm let me think…OKAY! It didn’t sound like such a bad idea. I did “kind of” feel bad that I was doing this with someone other than Sienna but to my recollection she said to me once before “go ahead because you shouldn’t have to wait if I’m not ready to do it with you”. What a champ she is!!

So boom…mouth on the cock it is. She starts slowly, almost teasing the head and then gently biting. Somewhere in there I remember pulling her hair fairly hard (its okay she liked it). After a few mins of licking, sucking and teasing I’m ready to cum…no shame here, it had been going on 7 fucking I was ready.

She said “don’t cum in my mouth”.

Are you fucking serious? What’s up with women and that? LOL Where am I supposed to cum in my car when I have to go back to work? On my clothes…? No thanks. Instead she threw me a curveball and said I want you to cum down my shirt on my tits. Okay… WTF just happened? I’m thinking…is this even legal? She has to go back to work yet she wants this, in fact, she is practically begging me to!!!

Who am I to turn down a cute girl who wants my cum down her shirt…after all I had plenty of it to go around.? So, without further a due…whoosh and splat! Here is my mountain full (I’m not kidding) of cum on this poor girls chest and already soaking through 3 thin shirts…I couldn’t help but laugh..but at the same time it was kinda kinky and hot.

Shortly after that I give her some napkins (I didn’t know what else to do) and head on my way. By the way immediately after that she texts me and says “thanks” lol and that she wants more.

When I get back to work I nearly pass out from exhaustion…hey now, I haven’t cum in quite a while so it took a lot out of me!

That’s where Tonya and I stand as of now…maybe we’ll talk tomorrow. Who knows.

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