March 28 part 2

If your anxiety has kicked in over my last story you’ll be happy to know”My” Sienna and I have been talking for a bit on and off tonight.

Pretty quickly I can tell something is wrong with her. Using that lump 3′ above my ass I ask her to tell me what’s going on and I’ll listen. What can I say..I love the crazy bitch.

She tells me about how she’s at a point where she needs to make a life changing decision about staying with her husband or branching off. Apparently this fucker has been doing better and trying hard and all that B.S…after years and years and years. I tell her “if you do anything, get out of this unhealthy relationship”.

I know she’s not convinced because she keeps talking about how he’s “the safe bet” and she can tell how his personality has changed. Ugh… once again same story different guy. I never thought I had to worry about this asshole to be honest. BUT…I really don’t. I want that girl to be happy and smile, I do.

So, I spill my guts to her and tell her I know its a big mistake and that she needs to put herself first for once and take back her life. She’s always putting other people ahead of her and she needs to be a bit selfish now. I think my exact words were “I know you care a lot about people..its great. but once in your life think about you. From all you’ve said (if it’s been true)..this is not the relationship for you; its just not.

We’re still talking and I don’t know what she’ll decide…I just hope she is wise enough to make the smart choice for her. It’s gonna hurt either way, but it needs to happen. As much as I hate not being her man, I’ll be there to support her when she needs it.

Wow…maybe I’m not such a bad guy after all..? Nahhh

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