March 27

Pretty boring day actually… lots of emotion and worries outside the realm of Sienna.

Did I even talk to her today? Sure I did…we rarely go one day without talking to each other..although I can see that being the norm in the future. Once again we chit-chattered about the small stuff. “How are you” on and so forth. We even cracked a few rare jokes until the conversation got more serious.

You see, I was already in a shitty mood for reasons she only knows (but she didn’t know until the end of our conversation). Things once again turned serious and once we get into “serious” conversations..we both get defensive. So I did my best to cut it short and sever all emotional ties as quickly as possibly BUT not before I asked her another jackass question:

What am I to you, Sienna?

I thought to myself quickly..WTF are you doing “Mr. Incredible”? Before she had a chance to respond I asked her not to. I said “Some things are better left unknown”..ah yes, classy…maybe even Frank Sinatra like. Haha.

Anyway, that’s that for Sienna.

I did text with Tonya for a while in the evening but nothing seemed to quench my thirst for happiness today. She’s funny and at least seems to remotely care about me…so that’s a plus.

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