March 24

Yes, it’s still 2011 if you are just joining…I have no clue how long they keep this shit up. You may want to start with the Sienna Background though and work your way forward…or not, I don’t care either way. Just keep reading and make sure your friends do too.

So last night I banged a hooker.

Haha joking (I’d never pay anyone for sex, I’m way too good for that). Just trying to set the mood for you on this one, especially since the tone has changed from our meeting on March 23 part 1 and March 23 part 2. I didn’t sleep well last night for lots of reasons…once again work stress, family stuff, lack of sex and what could be my final meeting with Sienna yesterday. I went to bed tired, cranky and with at least 50 known pounds of cum in my balls (like the detail huh?).

This morning I woke up with the intent of starting my day Sienna free (or at least without the worry associated with her not wanting any type of “relationship” at the moment). Maybe that’s a good thing, right? I mean, after all, it’s only a woman..there are tons of women in the world. So why am I fixated on this one? Well I’ve already explained that and I don’t care to repeat myself at this moment.

Anyway I had no intention on contacting her but much to my semi-surprise she did me (yeah, good ole’ Yahoo). We talked for a few while she was getting ready…once again, she is slow as death getting ready. I kinda start laughing because I think…geez, how annoying would it be to take a vacation with her and have to wait for her to get ready?? What if I wanted to play putt-putt golf or something and had a strict deadline? Haha.

And Yes, I said semi-surprise by the way. I say that because I can tell she likes me…if you’re ready this Sienna, don’t BS do. You just don’t know how to deal with it yet because of all the other stuff! And that’s okay we both know what we have to do and I guess we’re both doing it the best we can at this moment.

So we text on and off until around noon because she then is going to work and at that point I’m also starving to death. Literally, I almost died because I didn’t get that golden arch. So poof, just like that we finish yahoo and part our ways…me being proud because I was able to keep the conversation light and relationship free or spout out how I’m feeling because of all this shit.

I run out to get something to eat and *Poof* she texts me on my phone. I can’t say I was expecting that one…I actually finally deleted all our previous texts yesterday to make things easier. She now tells me she didn’t have to go into work because it was a light day for the company and we text a bit more about random shit. I’m pretty sure the only bad name I was called during the whole time was Narcissistic…I’ll take it! It’s now 5pm and I’m heading out of here…I haven’t heard from her anyone..not sure if I will. Oh well, I’ll keep myself occupied this evening 😉

Cya..for now

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