March 23 part 2

So after talking over text for a bit Sienna asks if we wanna meet for a few. It’s around 4pm and I am pretty much finished with work so of course I say Yes. Why wouldn’t I, right? After giving me very detailed directions of the meeting place (she really didn’t have to and has yelled at me for that in the past…so it’s still debatable at who sucks worse) I meet her in yet another parking lot. Nope, it wasn’t the same as before 😉 we’re wild!

I will admit I was happy to see her face after cursing many times thinking she didn’t want to. Going back to the previous post, and my ranting of her not telling me it was her day off…well, let’s just say it’s possible I was wrong or she just communicated in a way that didn’t click. My point being is that I was disappointed because I did not realize it was her day off until it was late in the evening…keep in mind she didn’t text me at a normal time I was thrown off by that.

Anyway, so we meet, I get in her vehicle (she now likes that control of being able to kick me out or listen to her own music), we drive around in crazy ass zig-zags to make sure her husband isn’t following her and then park to catch up a bit. Nooooo it doesn’t get all hot-n-steamy but it does get interesting.

She informed me that her husband had just called right before I arrived and asked her location because a storm was brewing lol…that’s just weird, she’s not 16, so I obviously think he’s out and about too. Who knows at this point…maybe she’s setting me up or something?? But no, she wasn’t; nor do I think she would.

Somewhere after the directions conversation and the husband just called conversation we get into serious conversations…I immediately have a weird feeling inside. But first, let me say her iPod music is almost right up my alley..almost! She does have some weird, angry and satanic music on there (scary). So when a certain song comes on, if I’m not mistaken “Down with the Sickness” (which comes from one of my favorite vampire movies) I know the tone is going down hill.  She once again starts back with the “Tugboat” person stuff and how it’s changed her dramatically.

I know she has been changed by this weirdo (I don’t care if she gets mad with me saying that) but why am I getting the shit end of the stick? I feel bad for her and I care how she feels but at this point a tiny flame begins to form throughout my body and I’m getting more and more upset about this fucking timing issue (if you wanna truly come close to knowing how I felt just listen to the beat of Carmina Burana [ O Fortuna ~ Fortune plango vulnera]).

So I listen to her because that’s what “friends/acquaintances” do. I can tell how hurt she is and how at this point my everyday presence in her life is not going to help with the process. I’m good not talking about relationships and not seeing her 50% of the time but the other 50% I’m a savage beast who wants to ravish her. So I tune her out although I’m listening..because I’m good like that (yes, Adam I’m cocky too..but you like this shit, even more now that I mentioned your name…K!).

Upon listening, more and more I realize I can’t do this..meaning I can’t sit back and be Mr. Friend vs Mr. Incredible (yeah..there’s that cockiness again). There are certain types of people you can be friends with, but to me, Sienna and I will never work as friends only. For what little time I’ve known her..that feeling of friendship will never satisfy my thirst for what should be mine (oh, did I mention I’m territorial?)…and no I haven’t pee’d on her yet; although I’ve mentally done it long ago.

All that being said I tell her just that. This can’t work like this. I look down at my phone or on my computer nearly 18hrs a day hoping to see her name pop up. That’s just not reciprocated at this point and I’m not sure if it will ever be. I can’t keep doing that and letting this consume me when I have nothing in return other than an occasional smile. Fuck, her smile is beautiful…no, no, stop it Mr. have to let go!

I say my speech, tell her what I’m feeling…she does the same (and we’ve been honest with each other thus far to the best of my knowledge..although between my brain and cock I get confused)..and I tell her I do not plan on contacting her anymore but she can me whenever she feels like it. After all, she’s the one who needs to heal…not me. All I really need to do is figure out how to get over her in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of pain. I’ll be honest with you readers…that answer usually = SEX for me.

As of right now that sex hasn’t happened but its only a matter of time..and since Sienna has pretty much joined the convent it probably won’t be with her (don’t worry pervs, I’ll still write about it..haha)!

In the grand scheme of things I did make one HUGE mistake. As she parked back to my car and I was getting out I asked for a, kind of, “final” kiss. Are you fucking kidding me? I’m almost thinking of taking away my Mr. Incredible name and replacing it with “Mr. Okay” or something like that..but not just yet. So what did she say 😉

Nooooooooooooooo! But in a more polite and cautious way…which was the absolute right thing to do and I’m glad she did. It would have only made it that much more tough for I would have probably tried to get at least one more boob grab in.

Is the Sienna story over? I don’t know…keep reading and I’ll update you as shit happens. Otherwise I’ll start “surfing for bitches” as Sienna says..haha. You’ll have something to read one way or another so spread the word! To be continued…

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