Our first meeting part 2

What was my bright idea??? Let’s drive and talk. Thank god this actually worked and she wasn’t insanely boring..we were actually able to hold a conversation, make jokes and get to know as much as you can about each other in such a short period of time. Where were we going? Honestly, I had no clue. We ended up at a little park somewhere (sorry people but I can’t disclose the location).

Now what? Okay, so its evening time now around 7pm and still winter solstice. My next bright suggestion was “Lets take a walk”. It was a bit chilly but I thought it would give us a chance to talk more, I could check out her ass, see if she wobbled like a penguin when she walked and if I’m lucky enough maybe her nipples will get hard (fingers crossed, right?).

So we walk for maybe 10 to 15 mins and get more intimate in our discussions (not about financial stuff, we’re not on that level even yet). We talk about our marriages, what kind of work we do, other relationships, education and traveling. I’ll have to say it was very nice and refreshing. Sienna is quite intelligent, ambitious and what I would call artistic. After the walk we get back into my vehicle.

Once we’re in the car we listen to random music and talk about movies. We talk about romance movies (which she hates), the greatest scary movies of all time and movies we think each other should see. At some point (I’m still not sure when) I felt a very good connection with her and I ask her if I can kiss her…yeah, I asked?? Crazy huh? My thought process behind it was simple. Treat her with respect if you want more from her in the future…I did want more because I was very attracted to her on many levels, so that’s why I asked. It’s hard for a woman to respect you if you do not show her respect (for the most part).

I think she was a bit caught off guard and potentially freaked out that I asked cause she just looked down, made an embarrassed face and giggled (she giggles a lot, and its for various reasons..but I find it cute). At this point I realized one very important thing which proved to be a major downfall in this potentially never happening relationship. Sienna has been treated horribly by men all her life and she’s not used to someone showing her respect and affection in non-aggressive ways (I like aggressive but there are times when that’s not appropriate).

Kinda shocking to see that a cheater has morals and a heart, isn’t it?? But I do.

She then proceeds to tell me how she’s not used to all the tender and non-aggressive touches, which I can obviously see ahead of time but I’m curious why. Her husband is a real piece of work..I won’t get into details but let’s just he’s not on my top 5 people whom I’d send a Christmas card to. He’s broken her down throughout the years with lies, broken promises and a list of other serious issues. But wait..there’s more.

She also had an affair previously with a younger guy (no she’s not a slut and I’ll punch you in the face if you say so) whom she trusted but broke her trust. Sienna is the sweetest and most caring person in the world, I guess that’s her one downfall (but it really isn’t a downfall). When people share their lives with someone else and open up to trust, it can quite the mental fuck when they get let down. She still has not recovered from this and it’s changed her dramatically. In return it’s also fucked me…and the dramatically reduced my chances of being with her (both mentally and physically).

Anyway back to the car, we’ll go into more detail on her mental state later on!

So I do kiss her and Jesus, did I like it!! So of course I want to do it and do it again…and again. So we spend a bit of time making out (I think maybe 45 mins in my mental clock) and I’m very horny now…very! I wasn’t sure if she was just trying to put her hand on my leg or rub my cock so I very happily placed her hand on it for her…haha. Good bad or indifferent I didn’t care at that point. What happened next…???

What the fuck do you think…my wife calls me and ruins the moment! I obviously don’t answer but I know at that point we need to get back and I need to head home. Ugh, blue balls once again…yeah my wife hasn’t put out in 6 months but that’s another story.

So off we head once again to her vehicle in the parking lot. At this point I’m feeling lots of shit inside…I don’t want to leave this amazing woman (not just because I’m hard as a rock)! I get one last quick kiss and we part, never knowing if we’ll see each other again.

Cheating Tip: If you’re going to cheat on your spouse or anyone for that matter, make sure all your avenues of the lie(s) are covered. Don’t make up a silly story or something out of the blue that you never due..unless its a special occasion. I nearly fucked up this first meeting by not thinking all things through thoroughly. Have back up plans and practice your story in your head, making sure you give tons of detail in the story. Did I say detail? I mean lots of detail such as where you stopped to eat (but remember you paid cash…credit and debit cards can be tracked), etc.

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