Our first meeting part 1

So, we’re actually doing it (well, not “IT” as in fucking) but just meeting this quickly for the first time…by the way I had actually never met anyone so quickly in my life but there was something about Sienna that just interested me..so I couldn’t help myself.

Here I am driving to, well, let’s just say its one of the most well known convenient stores around to meet Sienna in the parking lot. Yeah..I’m classy. Haha. At this point I still do not know much about her other than the fact she seems fun and sweet…not to mention I want to fill every single orifice she has with my cum (TMI?)…I don’t care, because I promised you total truth and that’s what you gonna get! Anyway, back to the story. So I arrive at the place where you can save money and live better. Now what? Of course pretty much the whole time she and I are talking on our cell phones because I want to confirm she at least doesn’t sound like a man (mind you, I had already seen a few revealing pics…sorry Sienna I had to say it).

About 5 mins after I arrived so did she. I’m still debating whether or not she’s good at following directions verses actually giving directions (or maybe I am just bad a giving them…nah!). She immediately gets into my vehicle (not the shitty little car you see above) because she doesn’t want to been seen with me, Lol, not because of my looks but because of friends, family or acquaintances seeing her with someone who’s not her husband. At this point we’re pretty much on my side of town (Sienna lives 30 or so minutes from me) so I’m trying to figure out what the hell we can do.

A genius idea occurs to me..

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