How we met

I like to call it poetic justice that “Sienna” and I met.  Wait, maybe I should start by introducing my self.  I’m…well, I guess it doesn’t really matter who I does it? I’m lots of things and one single name doesn’t quite do me justice. Does that sound narcissistic? I get that sometimes!

Sienna and I met by chance of luck. If you call being bored and on Yahoo chat a chance of luck? Cheating Tip: If you don’t already know you can find singles, swingers, lesbians, gays, weirdo’s and cheaters in your state by logging into yahoo messenger and choosing the following links…Messenger > Yahoo! Chat > Join a Room. Once you do this another screen will pull up (see below).

Now you’ll want to click on the plus (+) sign next to “Romance” and then choose “By Location”. You should now see your state. Click on the plus (+) sign next to the state you live in or want to chat in and have it. Happy fucking…courtesy of me!

So where we?? Ah, Yes…my beautiful Sienna. So of course we both happen to be in chat at the same time and for once in both our lives “timing” (you’ll learn I think timing is an asshole) was on our side. Before I move any further let me clear something up because I know what you’re thinking..”Damn I bet these people are ugly”! Quite the opposite, actually. Sienna is the most beautiful woman you could imagine. If I could only post her picture you’d be masturbating until your head caves in. Her body is amazing…her hair is dark and so are her mesmerizing eyes. I won’t tell you more cause it just turns me thinking about her! As for myself..well, I’m no slum either. I’m of average height, maybe taller. I’m not overweight and I work out quite often. My best feature are my…I’ll let you use your imagination, but Sienna likes my hair…haha. Long story short we’re attractive (meaning you’d probably want to fuck us both) and that’s rare on any kind of messenger where you meet random people. Now that we’ve cleared that up I’ll proceed with the story. Please see the next post!

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