How we met part 2

So, like I said in the previous post..the timing was good (I do not plan on saying that much more for a while). We happen to be in crazy ass chat at the same time, I message her blindly because I didn’t even know if she is male or female, and then poof!!! She writes back and is in my same city. I smack my cock and say down boy…don’t get excited!! Okay at this point I’m thinking to myself what you were probably thinking before..she’s not a looker but let’s humor yourself and try anyway.

Hi, I’m “Mr. Incredible”..whats going on? “Not much, I’m Sienna”. “Sienna, do you have any pics”? “Yes, do you”? As soon as her first picture shows up my mouth drops and I’m thinking…great, this gay dude is posting a picture of a beautiful woman (this shit happens on Yahoo btw). Lucky for me she had even more and more which led me to believe she’s an actual woman; thank god. At that point the heavens opened up and shined a bright light down on me. I show her my pics (who isn’t gonna like me…joking, I’m seriously not horrible looking) and she seems to like me.

Now I’m thinking, okay you’ve talked to this funny and seemingly beautiful woman you’ve got to disclose you’re married. So…I do. Mind you, I’m not a dumb-ass and I quickly tell her very unhappily married (I’ll get into why later). She let’s me know she’s in the same boat…holy shit, is this my wife on the other end fucking with me???? Luckily for you, No, or the story would end here.

Sienna and I talk for a bit more…keep in mind I’m away from my wife upstairs because I don’t want to be around her for numerous reasons and I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate seeing me chat with another beautiful and charming woman in the same state as me…let alone the same damn city. My computer is starting to run down and I don’t feel like going to get the charger (Why?? Cause I have to see my fucking wife’s sour face if I do) so I just go for it…

Yep, I ask Sienna if she wants to meet up and hang out (like within the hour)..I just knew she’d be like “go fuck off, weirdo”; I was thinking it myself. But she didn’t. She actually said yes so we made plans quickly. I start freaking out a bit because I haven’t shaved my face in days and I look like a bum…great, its gonna be a lovely first impression. Luckily she’s not an asshole…

What do I tell my wife? I’m leaving in the evening time with no agenda and doing so in a hurry. Of course I make up a stupid ass story (which half way worked) but I won’t go into detail to help Sienna and myself remain incognito. Want to know more about the hot n steamy first meeting…stay tuned!!

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2 Responses to How we met part 2

  1. Haha, thanks steveogbode. Please pass this blog along, I think anyone with a sense of humor and similar thoughts will enjoy. I’ll try to keep everyone updated daily (I’m so far behind right now with all the background).

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