A little background

So who am I and what the hell am I doing… isn’t cheating supposed to be wrong?

First of all I’m not crazy enough to tell you exactly who I am or for that matter anyone’s real name in this saga known as life.  I’ll be using pseudo names, but you won’t care because this blog will be entertaining, enlightening, eye-opening and yes… 100% true (as far as you know)!

Am I wrong?  Probably so… but at some point in your marriage or life (usually after much bull shit) you’ll stop caring too. Whether its because of lies, broken promises, cheating, petty fights, financial burdens, children, lack of sex, work or etc… it can happen to you too. So subscribe and keep reading…for that matter, post how you feel if you relate or do not relate. I might be kind enough to respond in return.

It only gets better here.  I’ll give you tips on cheating and not getting caught, how to deal with feelings, how to make fuck like a stallion (or at least a very anxious rabbit) and insight into one special female [no, I’m not gay nor do I have anything against anyone who is] who turned my heart upside down…and all the craziness that comes along with it.

And so Chapter 1 begins..

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4 Responses to A little background

  1. @J, just J > Stunned?
    Is it a bad stunned or a good one? Just curious.

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